Funding Pledge

You are invited to pledge funds to support the Canine Genetics Centre “Fund-our-Future” appeal on the basis of the points below.

NB. All pledges and donations are facilitated through the University of Cambridge systems but are aligned towards the Canine Genetics Centre.

  1. Pledgers (Organisation/Club/Individual) may make their pledges in stages, thus spreading the cost over a longer period, with each separate pledge being contingent on the Genetics Centre remaining in operation.
  2. The University of Cambridge will not request any of the pledged monies until sufficient funds have been pledged, or otherwise secured, to keep the Genetics Centre operational until at least the end of December 2024, or in subsequent three-month blocks thereafter.
  3. The funds that are being sought currently are to fill an immediate funding gap and a management committee, comprised of unpaid volunteers, has been formed to develop a longer-term funding strategy. So, while we encourage Breed Clubs, individual members, breeders and dog owners to engage with the work of the Canine Genetics Centre and fundraise to help support our research in the future, we do not intend to make an appeal on this scale again.

What happens once you make your pledge?

We appreciate your time given to complete our pledge form. Our team will be collecting pledges and keeping a total. We will contact you with regular updates on how things are progressing and when we need you to donate your pledge amount we’ll advise how to make this payment – most likely through the donation page where we will benefit from Gift Aid for individuals, or by alternative payment methods for others.

In the meantime, feel free to contact us if you have any immediate questions or concerns. We value your engagement and support.