Breed committees only meet about once a quarter so to take this “ask” to the breed clubs will take much longer than 6 weeks. I agree that Breed Clubs should and probably will make financial commitments to the CGC but it will probably take several months, even the rest of this year, for all clubs to get onboard and give their commitment. I think you will need a corporate plug before then.

We appreciate that Breed Clubs will need to take this request to their committees, and that for some it will not be possible to make a decision within the six week timeframe. We are investigating all corporate avenues that seem appropriate but, in reality, it will take a similar timeframe for a corporate plug to come into effect, as companies will have similar processes to negotiate. That is why we hope that individuals will consider donating, and indeed a few have done so already. Letters of intent from Breed Clubs, to confirm that they are at least considering making a donation would also be useful, and would help convince the University of Cambridge that the Genetics Centre has the backing of canine stakeholders.