About the KCGC

We investigate genetically simple and complex inherited diseases that have a negative impact on the health and wellbeing of dogs.  These mutations are likely to become more prevalent in purebred dog populations than in crossbreeds, and these can lead to significant welfare issues. The Kennel Club Genetics Centre was originally created to help tackle this.

Using the group’s unparalleled level of skill and expertise within canine genetics, since the inception of the KCGC, 22 DNA tests have been developed to identify carrier and affected dogs from 50 breeds.

One of the first mutations to be discovered and be developed into a DNA test was for a painful and blinding condition called primary lens luxation (PLL), a disease that affects around 20 different breeds. Following the PLL success, a further 21 tests have been developed by the KCGC team. Through DNA Testing services, thousands of dogs have been tested for these mutations, resulting in many more hereditarily clear puppies, born free from debilitating or blinding inherited conditions.

We have worked with the relevant purebred dog stakeholder groups to identify problems and, where possible, provide solutions which, without doubt, are changing dogs’ lives. Technology has also advanced significantly in the last 10 years, so going forward there is so much more we can achieve.

Our current research focuses on diseases that are painful, blinding, require surgical or medical intervention or otherwise reduce the quality or length of life of affected dogs.  We enjoy collaborating with other experts and welcome discussions with researchers, veterinary surgeons and other stakeholder groups regarding new or existing research projects, so do please get in touch!