Fund Our Future Appeal Update

Most of our readers will know that the Canine Genetics Centre (CGC) is facing a significant funding gap, and is appealing to dog owners, breeders and enthusiasts to help us plug the gap until longer-term funding can be secured.

Helped and supported by a team of amazing international volunteers, who have come together to form an advisory group, and my wonderful team, we have raised an unbelievable 120,000 – over a third of our target of £345,000. This amount is comprised of pledges from nearly 60 different breed clubs and societies, and donations from generous individuals, not only from the UK but from around the world.

If you have pledged or donated, shared our story with your friends or on social media or launched your own fundraising campaign on our behalf – you have my heartfelt and profound gratitude.

Please help us keep up momentum by pledging and/or donating, or by sharing our story: Fund Our Future

Cathryn Mellersh
Head of Canine Genetics Centre