Epilepsy study sample collection off to a flying start

Earlier this year the CGC announced the broadening of its idiopathic epilepsy (IE) project to include Beagles, English Springers, Giant Schnauzers, Hungarian Vizslas and Irish Setters. The IE team is pleased to report that the launch has met with a very enthusiastic response from dog owners: around 160 swab kits for the above five breeds have been sent out, with more kit requests coming in every day.

Studies of this nature rely on large numbers of samples, so this positive response is very promising. Involvement from owners of all five breeds has been high, with particularly strong numbers from Irish Setters, Vizslas and Beagles.

Another encouraging sign is how news of the CGC’s IE study has spread far and wide. Swab kit requests and offers to help with recruitment have come from Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, the USA and Australia.

If you have received one of our swab kits as part of this project, please remember to swab your dog and return your kits to us as soon as you can.

The IE team is looking for DNA variants underlying genetic susceptibility to IE in these five breeds, in addition to ongoing research into IE in Border Collies and Italian Spinoni (as well as Labrador Retrievers in a study led by the University of Helsinki).

Are you an owner of one of the above-mentioned breeds? If so, has your dog been diagnosed with IE, or is it unaffected by epilepsy AND over 8 years old (or over 7 for Italian Spinoni)? If your dog fits the bill, then please fill in our online form to request a cheek swab DNA collection kit.